Update!!!! 27/03/2018

So I leave tomorrow–27th/3/2018 and I back on the 21st/4/2018
Sorry I haven’t been able to do any Brave/Blog Updates.
Been rather busy getting everything together for the big journey. 
Yes, I do feel somewhat like a hobbit. 
Please like, follow comment share.
Please don’t forget me!!!!!! 
It will give me something to look forward to on my return!!!!
And I will have photos!! Hopefully lots and lots of photos. 
As well as lots and lots of new stories and the epic Saga of Clan Kseal will continue as well as what eventually became of the girl in the Tower. 

So please bear with me. I promise I WILL return!!!!!

ALSO!! On my return, I will be doing a LIVE STREAM Q&A On My YouTube Channel!!
Details of which are to come because I don’t have any videos on it yet–Promise I will when I return!!

And Thank You Thank You Thank You also for those lovely comments, they really have touched my heart.
Truly as well as all those who follow. Thank you. It really does mean a lot to me. 

I eventually do want to work on shout-outs or something. Maybe even short letters I can dedicate to people, that I write while I’m on my journey or a painted stone left somewhere. 
Will develop this idea more so stay tuned for that!!!!!! 

Again thank you everyone
And see you all when I return!!!!