Bedtime Stories: Clan Ksael; Cèilidh Castle of Loch Awene: Part IV

Emrick Gray.

In a small village town, several miles away, Emrick Gray had taken up residence in the small tavern and filled it with various women of the village, much to the annoyance and protest of the locals. Before Emrick had arrived, with his fancy, lavish clothes, made of Chinese silk and satin, the village had been a peaceful one. There were nothing but a small fishing community, where everyone knew everyone and moreover, they were the pious kind. That was or at least, had been till Emrick had arrived. He had charmed his way into the small tavern and thrown gold and silver at the proprietors. He then, charismatically, charmed all the local women, with his tales of grandeur, adventures and salacious misdemeanors. It also helped that he was young, attractive with an impeccable jaw line, pale skin that shone like polished porcelain, golden haired as well as silver tonged, with bright blue and dazzling eyes.

Being that it was a small town, the folk of the village, though, kind and generous, were abet, naïve about the ways of the world. Emerick of course, had used this to his very advantage. He knew the reception he would receive, once he had reached Cèilidh Castle and wanted to delay it as long as possible. He didn’t want to go back and he didn’t like doing things he didn’t want to and it made him extra flamboyant, reckless and hungry for trouble. However, obligations were afoot, there were things at Ceilidh Castle that he felt, required him and moreover, he had been exiled from there for long enough as far as he was concerned.

It was not his fault for what had happened fifteen years prior, again as far as he was concerned. Moreover, he had considered the Clan’s exile of him to be a grave injustice. After all, as far as he was concerned, he was the one that had suffered the most, from what he perceived as nothing more than a tragic accident.

His self centeredness, conceited ways and narcissism had not improved in the time he had been away and if anything, he had grown worse.

He had been at the village but three nights, when things started to turn sour. The proprietors of the tavern of course had no issue with Emrick. He had given them gold and wealth, beyond anything they could have ever imagined and filled their, modest and humble establishment with women, not just from the village but others had arrived on the daily. He had filled their hearts, with lust and fueled and feed their ever growing greed. For three nights, they had all drunk themselves into a stupor and Emrick had made it his mission to, by the end of the night to have each and every woman upon every surface of the tavern.

The village had never witnessed such debauchery. The local men, who were never invited and ousted every time they dared to enter the tavern, grew angry and the village priest has declared that the devil himself had come to their peaceful hamlet. By the fourth evening, the men had all gathered, declared themselves united and with pitch forks and torches, led by the priest, descended onto the tavern.

When the angry mob banged and broke down the Tavern door, the women squealed and made to flee, that was until, Emrick stood on a table, sword in one hand, tankard in the other. He’d been having such a delightful time and there was nothing more he hated than being interrupted.

Silence emitted through the room. The tavern proprietaries had hidden behind the bar and peered meekly at the spectacle, from their position.

The priest, who was at the front of the mob, being a righteous man of god, did not fear Emrick and then declared loudly, boldly and at the top of his lungs, “You Sir Are The Devil! We as men of god, honorable, uncorrupted men! Cast you out!”

The men around him cheered, clapped and hooted. They patted the priest on the back and waved their torches and pitch forks around.

Emrick’s eyes narrowed on the priest. He hated men of god and all they stood for and he hated the man in front of him for ruining he’s delights. He had after all been having such fun and now it would mean the fun was over and he would be one more step to going to a place he was trying to avoid.
He left the hooting and the cheering go on for a small while, before his stamped his left foot on the table. The loud booming sound of his boot coming down upon the table was loud enough and forceful enough to stop the mob in their tracks.

“Righteous you say? We were having a lovely time till you came along! I don’t think God had any issues with it.” Taunted Emrick.
“Blasphemy, see he blasphemes! “ The priest shouted loudly, once more, enticing the mob to cheer.
“No such thing! The lovely, beautiful women here for the last four nights and up until you arrived were quite happily screaming out the lord’s name and in pure ecstasy at that and all because of me.” Jeered and laugh Emrick.
The crudeness and the innuendo of Emricks words was enough to make a few of the men in the mob snigger. It was all he needed.
“In fact, these ladies, beautiful goddesses, crafted from god himself, to be worshiped and adored, were nothing but neglected till I arrived.” He paused and turned to them, slowly circulating the room with his gaze by turning on the spot, most of the women half-dressed or in various forms of undress, swooned at his words. He winked at a few and some let out small giggles and sighs.

It was then that the men in the mob, realized the state of the women and their anger slowly began to turn to lust. Emrick knew how to sway the hearts of men and took note, glee and delight in their subtle changes of manor. The priest was fast losing his hold.
“And if I had of known that there were such strong, virile men in this village, I would not have ousted you so, my sincere apologies to you all.” Shouted Emrick, with a bow and then added, “And I humbly apologize, for now I do know, it is the priest that holds you back.”
“How dare you! You Heathenish Retch! You devil! Do not be swayed with him.” Shouted the priest.

The women, as if taking silent cues from Emrick then turned to the men the mob, enticing all but the priest. Then the tavern proprietors, carefully emerged from their hiding spots and began to take the torches and pitch forks from the men, who had now forgotten the cause of their anger and were fast moving onto other things.

“Stop! Stop I say! Be Not Tempted by the Devil” Shouted the priest in vain and found himself quickly being pushed and shoved out of the tavern.
Emrick laughed, a hearty laugh and threw the tankard across the room. He then jumped off of the table and made his way outside, sword still in hand. No one at that point had noticed, as both the men and women had fallen onto one another and the tavern proprietors had begun to feed ale to the crowd, happy to have the festivities start all over again and even happier to be rid of the priest. As he walked out, he took a torch from one of the men.

Out on the village street, outside the tavern, the priest stood there and glared at Emrick defiantly as he walked out of the tavern. The light of the full moon shone on Emrick, giving him something of an eerie, luminous glow and when he sneered and bared his perfect white teeth at the Priest, the Priest grabbed and gripped the wooden cross that hung about his neck.

“That won’t help you now.” Emrick told him, a contemptuously vile smile on his lips.
“Back! Back Away!! Filth! Demon!!” Shouted the priest but all in vain.
Emrick then lifted his sword and placed it under the priest’s chin and then, still with a vile smile upon his lips said, “Now you, sir have a choice, sword or fire?”
The priest, dropped to his knees instantly and began praying to his god.
Emrick then moved his sword away from the priest, shook his head and then let out a laugh, which sounded more like a howl. He bellowed and laughed for some time, the priest continued so stay on his knees and pray.

“Your God will not save you.” Emrick then said and then handed the torch to the priest and said, “But I hear fire is cleansing and can clean all sin.”
Emrick then walked away, turning his back on the Priest.

An hour or so later, when he was miles away from the village, he looked back and was pleased to see rising plumes of smoke on the horizon, coming from the little sleepy hamlet he had just spent the last four nights tarnishing. Emrick did love ever so much to leave a lasting impression after all and he became somewhat smug with himself and couldn’t help thinking that maybe returning to Ceilidh Castle wouldn’t be so bad after all.

To be Continued…….